Stingray pouf

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Product Description

Stingray is both puff and toy. It’s created to inspire children to creative and active play, which will stimulate their development of balance and coordination of movements. It encourages small kids to their first physical activates: rolling and stretching their bodies, jumping and even running. It’s filled with styrofoam balls, what makes it really lightweight, so children can easily drag or even lift it during the play. Such fun will increase children agility and strength and make them physically fit and healthy in the future.

Stingray could be also a really great companion in all sort of adventures. It can be used as a lonely island on the middle of the ocean or raft which can save children from various oppressions. It stimulate imagination and gives great play ideas.
At the end of the day Stingray can be turned into comfortable puff that can help children to sleep or relax after the day full of adventures. The nice looking design makes it a great decoration of child’s room.


– develops physical fitness
– improves balance and coordination
– stretching exercises
– stimulates the sense of touch
– massages the body
– encourage thinking, seeking solutions
– help to understand principles ofcause and effect
– comfortable and warm place to relax
– awakens imagination
– inspires unusual fun
– children’s room decoration

Lenght with tail: 190cm
Width: 160 cm

Composition: styrofoam balls, upholstery fabrics,a slider opening and a velcro fastener for grinding granulate

Made in Poland.