How does it work?

How Kokodyl toys support children’s development?


Sensory Toys
Our toys are designed to support sensory integration and comprehensive development of children. Each toy is created from carefully selected textiles and a variety of fillings. It also have additional function focused on development of specific senses or skills of little children.


Sensory fillings
Inside of every toy you can find carefully selected fillings: cherry seeds, buckwheat, millet hust and other. Fillings have diffrent structures, shapes, weight and make different sounds. All of that provides variety of tactile and auditory incentives, that will stimulate develpoment of sensory abilities of children.


The sense of touch, sight and hearing
While playing with toys, children can sense a variety of structures and shapes, revealing features of objects. They stimulate thus the sense of touch, which has a huge impact on the development of the nervous and respiratory systems of child. Properly developed sense of touch plays an essential role in understanding the “map” of body, the sense of balance and it increase reflex. Toys seem gentle sounds of sensitizing the sense of hearing, and specially selected contrasting colors stimulate sight.

medical kit

Colic and tummy aches
Some of Kokodyl’s toys additionally have a small cherry and grape bags. These bags are designed to be natural warmers, which can ease pain and help children with falling asleep. Delicate massage with these warmers ale also great way to improve blood irculation and well-being of babies.

motoric skils

Motor skills and body coordination
Kokodyl created also big objects which are designed for helping children with development of their motor skills and body coordination. Kids playing with big poufs and Dziabagi train balance, coordination and they streach they bodies. Poufs are filled with small and delicate balls, which encourage children to perform exercise, which in the future will help them to efficiently walk, run, hop and enjoy good health.


Manual skills
When you are a babie it is good to have toy that can be your friend and in the same time teach you useful skills. Some of kokodyl’s toys are designed to help children with learning manual skills like tying shoelances. Their have cloth can be tied in various ways and change the shape of the toy. Binding of knots and bows develops manula abilities, practise precise movements of hands and enhance concentration.

Small Guy

Emotional Toys
Each toy has individual characteristics and functions, so it afects chldrens emotions in different way. Kokodyl’s products are created for childrean sensitive to sensory incentives, as well as those who need extra stimulation for proper development. Emotional toys have ability to help children to recognize their feelings, learn empath and develop emotional intelligence. Children should feel safe and understood, often their favorite toys can help them with that.