Sensory Memo

169.00 135.00

A memory and touch game based on finding sensory pairs through touch.

12 elements (6 pairs) filled with cherry stones, buckwheat husk, millet husk, beans and sensory balls.

Color: Orange.


We have created a new version of the classic memory game. Our Sensory Memo is based on finding pairs of small textile bags with different sensory fillings through touch.

It is a minimalist and very surprising version of the game for children. It activates and stimulates the work of senses other than sight – the most stimulated in everyday life and play. Our Sensory Memo focuses children’s attention on sensing and comparing the features of objects, their structures, shapes, weight or sounds they make when moving.

Play stimulates the extremely valuable sense of touch. It trains motor skills, memory and perceptiveness. Besides it also develops imagination and teaches competition.

The game is great fun that does not get bored easly.

Additionally sensory bags can be used aids in therapeutic activities with children.

Sensory Memo has the title: “Toy of the Year 2020” in the activating games category.

Age: 2+


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