Little Mole


A contrasting development toy filled with buckwheat husk and sensory balls.

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The Mole provides children with varied tactile sensations, encouraging them to touch, oppress, toss or grasp. The game develops a sense of touch and deep feeling, improves gripping, teaches how to recognize shapes and affects the development of muscle tone in the hands.


Due to its small size, Mole will be perfect as the first friend of babies who discover the world around them through a sense of touch. Expressive eyes and contrasting colors stimulate the sense of sight, encouraging toddlers to interact and play.


Touching the toy is very pleasant and anti-stress. Thanks to the pocket under the tail, it can also be used as a puppet toy.
The Mole will certainly awaken in your children love for nature and curiosity to discover the mysterious world of animals.


Our toys are made only from certified fabrics, antiallergic fillers and additives that meet all EU standards.
They are produced in Poland with attention to detail and children’s safety.


Length: 15 cm


Age: 0+

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