Happy Stupa

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Sensory bags for arranging a small stupa.

8 elements (+1 surprise) with sensory fillings: buckwheat husk, millet husk, cherry seeds, beans, dried lavender.

Color: shades of white, yellow and blue.

Age: 2+


Happy Stupa is a multifunctional concept toy designed to educate children in the trend of minimalism, harmony and respect for nature. In the philosophy of the East, the stupa expresses the nature of the mind, symbolizes changeability and fluidity, teaches perseverance, patience, and shows that to be is more than to have.


Building a Stupa requires concentration from children, develops senses and manual dexterity, allows them to learn about the features of objects and find balance when arranging individual elements on each other. Play develops sensitivity and imagination. The stupa can be arranged in a different way each time. Children can create endless versions of Happy Stupa.


In addition, each element differs from each other in terms of filling, structure, weight and shape. It gives a huge field for sensory play and many additional applications. The toy is great as an aid in sensory integration therapy, child psychotherapy, speech therapy and hand rehabilitation. It can make yoga classes for children more attractive, as well as teach an introduction to meditation.


Separate parts of the Stupa can be used as a massage aid, play with eyes closed and even decorate a child’s room. Among the elements of Happy Stupa there is a small pillow filled with cherry pits, which can be used as cherry pits warmer.


Certainly many of us built stone stupas for good luck. Let’s show children the elements of magic and spirituality in the surrounding nature and in ourselves!


The game is a proprietary project protected by copyright.


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