Toy with a sensory tail and cherry pits warmer.

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Toy with a sensory tail and cherry pits warmer.


The platypus is a sensory soft toy that provides children with a lot of tactile, auditory, and visual stimuli. In the tail there are sensory balls of various sizes that intrigue, interest and encourage toddlers to touch, sense and move the toy. The delicate fur of the platypus is pleasant to the touch and makes it an ideal cuddle for the youngest. The toy is constructed to support the process of sensory integration.


In addition, in the pocket in the platypus belly there is a bag – a hot water bottle with cherry stones. Heated and placed inside the toy, for a long time it gives away the heat pleasantly soothing children to sleep. The hot water bottle is also great as a massage aid.


You can also play with the platypus like a hand puppet or entrust him with valuable letters or items.


White, Blue, Brown, Black


Small, Medium, Large

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