Children’s imagination

Our toys are constructed in such a way that children can independently discover their new functions and applications. Playing with large textile blocks and cushions encourages creation and abstract thinking. In this way, children develop their creativity, learn new ways of perceiving reality and problem solving, as well as expressing their own emotions.


Geometric, non-obvious forms of our toys stimulate the imagination and encourage children to their own interpretations. Sensory fillings, hot water pouches and added functions can surprise and discover new roles for textile toys for children!

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Sensory fillings

While playing, children sense a variety of structures and shapes, discovering the features of objects. Falling grains, scales or balls differ in weight, or the sound they make when moving. All this makes touching the toys very pleasant. It intrigues, stimulates the imagination and encourages children to grab, touch, knead, toss and work with their hands.


In this way, babies have a stimulated sense of touch, which has a huge impact on the development of the child’s nervous and respiratory system. A properly developed sense of touch plays an important role in exploring the “map” of your body, planning your movement, sense of balance and reflexes.

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Sensoryczne wypełnienia

Soothing warm up cherry pits bags

Bags with natural cherry and grape seeds heated in the oven or microwave give away heat for a long time. Thanks to this, toys with hot bags can calm and pleasantly soothe children to sleep. A great way to improve circulation and improve the baby’s well-being are massages with warm stones. They are extremely helpful in fighting colic and stomach aches.


Cherry pits bags are not toys in themselves. Pits are placed in linen bags inside toys. They should be removed from the toy before heating and also before washing the toy.

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A good night’s sleep and emotions

Our toys are designed to provide subtle stimuli which naturally stimulate the senses. They can calm the babies and help them fall asleep.


Children should feel safe and understood, and often their favorite toys may offer additional support. The toy in their crib gives the impression of closeness and cuddles, ensuring the baby’s sense of security.


Many toys on the market are focused on visual reception or very strong auditory stimuli, which as a result create chaos and are perceived by a newborn or autistic child as disturbing. Our toys are designed in such a way as to provide delicate sensory stimuli. Touching and discovering the intriguing structures of our toys will capture the baby’s attention for a long time.


Kokodyls also teach children to express emotions, show empathy, and make first contacts. That is why it is worth appreciating the role of soft toys, they are the first friends of our children!

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Underestimated sense of touch

Touch is the earliest maturing of all senses. It stimulates the body’s nervous, respiratory, and immune systems, and plays a key role in the proper development of children. Infants receive about 80% of stimuli from the outside world through touch. Through the skin, where the most receptors are, they learn about the so-called “Map” of their own body, they feel heat, cold, pain, learn shapes, and structures of objects. Touch plays an important role in planning movement, affects their focus, balance, reflexes, helps in the development of visual perception, and manual skills.


Our toys provide children with a variety of tactile stimuli, thanks to which they teach how to properly receive information from the environment and make new experiences more pleasant and readable for children.

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Motor skills and coordination

While playing with Dziabagi children perform various physical exercises: they stretch, wrestle, wrap, and overcome obstacles. In this way they develop their motor skills, improve motor coordination, sense of balance, and reflexes. Big poufs with balls inside are a great idea to encourage toddlers to do their first exercises, which in the future will help them walk, run, kick, flip, and enjoy good health. Dziabągi  are also great as aids during psychomotor classes, gymnastics or dance exercises.


How to develop small motor skills in children?


It is worth taking care of the development of hand mobility from the earliest years of a child’s life. Manipulative toys are a great way to arouse awareness and sensitivity of the hands, thanks to which they prepare the hand to learn how to write, draw and make precise movements. Kokodyl laced toys will teach all children the difficult art of tying shoelaces as well as knots, while exercising concentration, and developing manual skills.

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Specialized toys

Our toys are great as aids in sensory integration therapy, during psychomotor classes, rehabilitation or gymnastics. Large, soft Fiends and poufs have many practical applications, they serve as rollers supporting the body or elements that diversify exercises. They also act as relaxation cushions.


We also design for blind or visually impaired children. Diverse sensory fillings of toys stimulate the sense of touch, which contributes to a better development of motor skills, motor coordination and awareness of one’s body. The contrasting, black and white colors of toys are designed to stimulate the sense of sight, and the sounds of balls, scales or rattles in a subtle way affect hearing.


Toys also have an emotional dimension. They are extremely pleasant to the touch, act anti-stress, teach concentration, can intrigue and take the child’s attention for a long time.

The most important thing is that the therapy should take the form of fun and be pleasant for all kids!

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