About us


About me

Kokodyl was initially an artistic project by Joanna Kaczmarek, a graduate of the Łódź Academy
of Fine Arts. The original idea was to create multifunctional toys that would:

  • support children in the process of sensory integration
  • be distinguished by unique aesthetics
  • be safe for the youngest of children including infants

Currently Kokodyl manufactures and sells toys, sensory stimulation facilities, baby play room decor and playrooms. Our products translate artistic vision into high quality educational toys for children..

About products

Kokodyl toys are designed to support the proper sensory integration and comprehensive development of children. Each toy is made from specially selected materials and a variety of fillings that provide children with subtle tactile and auditory stimuli.

During play, children feel the various structures and shapes of the toys, discovering and learning about their features. This experience stimulates the sense of touch, which has a significant impact on the development of the child’s nervous and respiratory system. A well-developed sense of touch plays an important role in getting to know the body’s “map”, planning movement, feeling balance and reflexes. Kokodyl’s toys emit soft sounds to sensitize the sense of hearing, and specially selected contrasting colors to stimulate the eyes.

Each toy also has an additional function. Lace toys, for example, have the power to stimulate the palm of the hand by encouraging children to tie knots,and those with cherry pouches relieve stomach pains and help children fall asleep.

Kokodyl’s products are made from certified fabrics, antiallergic fillers and additives that meet all EU standards. Each educational toy is manufactured by hand in Poland, with attention to detail and child safety. Children with learning disabilities will also enjoy and benefit from these products.

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Joanna Kaczmarek